Eat Drugs

“L.A.’s premier spazztastic party-prog quintet. This band is so good, it’s ridiculous they’re not followed by paparazzi 24/7 or on the cover of Kerrang! every single month. Analogy alert: Bad Dudes sound like surfers (from the future) and new wave punks (from the past) playing a broken Nintendo (the 8-bit kind) at a raver party. And everyone forgot their ritalin.”
-Prefix Magazine

PRICE: 10.00

1. Mjolner
2. Heterosaucer
3. Secret Protector
4. Better Than Nature
5. Eat Drugs mp3
6. Suez
7. Cabana Boyzz, B.C.
8. Vanity Cane
9. Casual Encounters (Of The Third Kind)
10. Finger
11. Preteen Wolf