Newest Romantic

Back to basics. This is one motto of Newest Romantics. The Younger Lovers’ challenge was to put raw shit back on the balance. This decade showed a DRAMATIC DECREASE in the good old standard of cool queer punk kid records. Everyone ran for a drum machine and opted to be the next Justin Timberlake. No probs. No shade. This just left the playhouse empty. Enter the Younger Lovers. This record started as Gravy Train!!!! demos but morphed because the lyrics were “too romantic.”The California Soul EP was recorded + produced by former high-school pal Vice Cooler (Hawney Troof, XBXRX) in the basement of Club Short. The “Newest Romantic” LP was recorded+produced one drunk summer at Sugar Mountain by Brian “Hammy” Hamilton (the Fleshies). When iI was on the cover of Rolling Stone they said this was one of the best punk records of the decade. All those other bitches got hella jealous.


1. Can I Come Over
2. Hey Boy
3. Hey Jody
4. Kiss Me On The Bus
5. Mr. Franco
6. Quoting Poets
7. The Dating Game
8. Low Top Chucks and Skinny Jeans
9. Ballad For All My Bandmates and Lovers
10. Danny
11. Hump Lights
12. Sha-Boo-Bee
13. Oh, Really?