Get Up! Resolution: Love

Hawnay Troof’s second release sports aggressive lo-fi rhythms layered with twisted analogue synth sounds. It’s bedroom beats for the anxious dancing legs of today’s youth, 18-year-old vocal chords pushed to the maximum from start to finish, fist in the air rise against the status quo. Includes Hawnay Troof’s furst collaboration with Drew Daniel (Matmos, Soft Pink Truth) + appearances by Allison Wolfe and Jenny Hoysten.

PRICE: 10.00

1. Make Me Sic
2. Goddamn Lye
3. Get Up In It
4. Southern Drama
5. Blow This Place Up
6. Gut A Cop
7. Anythang That Walks
8. Boyz Get Hard
9. 1985
10. Dry Hump
11. Till We’re Numb
12. All I Want Is Yr Clit