Younger Lovers

The YOUNGER LOVERS started WAAAAAAAAAAAAY the fuck back in the day (1994) when 12-year-old Brontez and two of his girl cousins, T’kwa and Bean (most notably all STAR members of the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Belle Mina Alabama), started ditching choir practice to play in a band. The transition from gospel to secular alternative radio was difficult. They played that Folk Implosion song “Natural One” over and over and over and OOOOOOOOVER again. Brontez later recalls, “It was really fucked up- we had no morals, backbone, or sense of direction.”

Three years into to the project, T’kwa and Bean split because they started getting laid. Young Brontez dwiddled away, caught punk germs, and ended up creating up to 13 albums worth of unreleased solo material. He moved to California in the wee hours of the decade, spent time in other bands (Gravy Train!!!, Panty Raid, The Social Lies, The Manhandlers) and finally got off his ass and released the Younger Lovers “newest” and “rawest” works — the “Newest Romatic LP” and the “California Soul EP”.

Brontez currently lives and rocks out in sunny Oakland California where he retains the YOUNGER LOVERS as a “philandering” band project where he’s backed by a bunch of rad and TOTALLY BITCHIN musicians who like to play garage-pop-and rock n’ roll jamz.



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