Former Bratmobile front woman/varsity league feminist ass-kicker Allison Wolfe and her band of misfit troubadours (Angela Melkisethian and Crystal Bradley) are the three wisecracking southern women who got together to…ahem…jam one afternoon in 2004 in Washington, D.C., and became Partyline. No embarrassing want-ads or awkward auditions necessary! Through full-time jobs, school, break ups, break ins, summer barbecues, and winter dance parties, the ladies of Partyline continue their pursuit of honest and insightful tunes.

For the Zombie Terrorist album, Partyline also enlisted the production assistance of former Q and Not U front man Chris Richards and DC legend Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios. Spoken word, sound effects, organ, and “tin-can” alley percussion embellish the devastatingly catchy punkasfuck tunes. Georgie James/Kid Dynamite/Loved Ones bassist Michael Cotterman lends his low end to every track showing that the treble-loving Partyline is indeed bottom friendly on occasion.

The riot grrrl credo “the personal is political” is more relevant then ever in Party-N-Animal. (Random side note: the title of the song came from a particularly intense game of Balderdash). In the song Wolfe recounts the fire bombing of her late mother’s women’s health clinic in Olympia, WA. “You got the pigs, you got the Prez, you ain’t pro-life, you’re all about death, we’re gonna freak out, we’re gonna scream, you Christian fucks will see what I mean,” she sings with vengeance in her throat. The title track Zombie Terrorist continues with the political outrage but is culled from a news story rather than direct experience. An article tells the story of a teenage boy suspended and threatened with legal action for writing a fiction piece about terrorist zombies taking over his high school. In the song, the “zombie terrorists” embody all of the misdirected fear and paranoia fueled by our rogue-state government and the mainstream media. The song and the album as a whole begs the question “Who are the real terrorists?”



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