Gravy Train!!!!!

Gravy Train!!!! was a bubblegum/pop/new wave/punk/chipmunk group-slash-dance troupe outa Oakland, CA. They formed in the summer of 2001 and immediately declared themselves the “best band in the world.” GT!!!! was made up of 4 hussies. Chunx, Hunx (now of Hunx and His Punx), Funx, and Junx (aka Brontez Purnell of Younger Lovers). Be sure to check out their albums on Kill Rock Stars.

We were honored to do this DVD release with Gravy Train!!!! after aborted attempts to release Hunx’s side projects Dangerous (MJ cover band) and The Knock-Ups. Hunx and Chunx joined forces with Hawnay Troof’s Vice Cooler for a special show to celebrate Alex Retard’s birthday in 2002 at LA’s Knitting Factory.



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