Tour Girlfriends

Tour Girlfriends
A 35 track gapless mixtape from Mae Shi member Jacob Safari, featuring several unreleased works and a wide assortment of friends and co-collaborators. Includes remixes from the likes of Hawnay Troof, Bad Dudes, So Many Dynamos, Yea Big+Kid Static, and Jacob’s fellow Mae Shi brethren (naturally). This is a joint release between Retard Disco and Team Shi.

RET-020 | PRICE: 10.00
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1. Tour Girlfriends
2. Kiwi (Bark Bark Bark RMX) mp3
4. GTFO (Bad Dudes Gabe RMX)
5. Ffffffrankie
6. In The Sun
7. You Could Swim (Hawnay Troof RMX)
8. Inner Bro
9. Tattoos (Mae Shi featuring Kid Static RMX)
10. Olympic Resin
11. Tytythth
12. Staring In The Mirror Drunk
13. Beachy mp3
14. GTFO (The Show Is The Rainbow RMX)
15. The Day’s Plans (featuring Mike Fey and Kate Hennessy)
16. The Mae Shi Melody (Bark Bark Bark Black Magic RMX)
17. Everyone’s Getting Drunk On This Plane
18. I’m Needy (Talk To Animals vs. Bark Bark Bark RMX) mp3
19. Meow
20. I Love You But I Don’t (Reprise)
21. Now You
22. We Will Be Simple Again
23. My Hessian Foster Brother
24. You Could Swim (Bark Bark Bark RMX)
25. Youf*ck
26. Stephen Robinson
27. Tangles
28. Pluto Never Forget (So Many Dynamos RMX)
29. Tats 2
30. 20 Minute Keyboard Clavi
31. Oh Goddess
32. Tatatats
33. I’m Needy (Milk:Blood RMX)
34. End
35. Ben, My Friend