Wet Fist

Wet Fist
Wet Fist incorporates glitchy 606 beats, twangy guitar, super funk-ass basslines, and one rather twisted perspective of the world. Song topics include Hitler’s addiction to methamphetamines, a baby in the womb who keeps getting hit in the face by strange men’s dicks, and working at Urban Outfitters and sadly watching defeated coworkers spend their entire paychecks back at the store. Recorded in the storage room of the Faint’s recording studio (later mixed by Joel Peterson in the band’s “actual” studio).

RET-021 | PRICE: 10.00

1. Made Of Cardboard
2. First Little Whisper
3. Roar Means Run mp3
4. Who He Says He Is
5. Wordless Whisper
6. Sperm and Egg
7. Mother and Son
8. Run Fast At The End
9. Come Dry Your Flower
10. They Won’t mp3
11. A Bloomed Loop
12. Life Is Good
13. Whisper At Once