Zombies In, Robots Out

This is Nintendo Punk. Sixteen songs, thirteen about video games, two about junk food, one about freeing the lobsters from the tank at Red Lobster. Gaming songs are about loving Grand Theft Auto 3, being addicted to Aminal Forest, and hating Tomb Raider. Others delve into the inner psyches of fave game characters, like the angst-ridden Rayden on his prom night, a frustrated Renegade lost in the subway, and poor Lolo, faced with the decision of committing suicide (hitting select, to end the game) or living on to fight what he knows is a futile battle. All the important stuff.

RET-001 | PRICE: 10.00

01. Galaga
02. Big Grab
03. 1-800-255-3700
04. Castlevania Punk
05. Slush Puppy
06. Animal Forest
07. Elevator Action
08. Run Lolo Run
09. Rayden on Prom Night
10. Pacman’s in Egypt
11. This Is a Devo Cover
12. Grand Theft Auto 3
13. Star World
14. Renegade
15. Veggie Sandwiches Are the Best
16. Tomb Raider U.K. Pop