At Retard Disco, it has always been and always will be about friends. And so it is with True To These Times… And Those Times, Too, the new split release from Signals and The Zookeepers. Signals are of course our boys, our amazing longtime BFF’s and partners-in-crime The Grays (Jon and Bill) and Jacob Cooper. Bill and Jon were part of RET-001 and RET-006 (14 Year Old Girls) but are better known as being part of one phase of The Mae Shi. Jacob is the kid who once sold us a blank cassette at a show that he was passing off as a Bark Bark Bark release. He was part of RET-014 and RET-020. He was also part of one phase of The Mae Shi and currently plays with Wavves, or Waaves… always get that mixed up.

Since 2012, Signals has continued as a solo project of Jon Gray.



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