The Show Is The Rainbow

The Show Is The Rainbow is a one-man electrical storm of Darren Keen from Lincoln, Nebraska. Incessantly touring, The Show Is Rainbow’s notoriously confrontational live act is legendary and inspirational in the DIY-punk circuit (kids worship him in middle America, seriously). With an often seizure-inducing visual presentation, The Show Is The Rainbow’s live act pushes the envelope of “performance art” encasing spastic punk, comedy, electro-skronk meltdowns, and motivational speaking. Whether it’s in an arena, small bar, or a barn, you can count that all eyes and ears will be focused on Keen stealing the show from whatever poor sucker (that) has to play after him.

As if he were the DIY-scene’s Andy Kaufman, early legends have him being at the business end of glass bottles or the clenched fists of crowds and bands he’d taken the piss out of, bumming out sound guys by playing on the floor, and being infamously outspoken about the indie fashion and scene icons. Since then, Keen has matured and moved away from that reputation as his music can easily stand on its own merit minus controversy. By no means does it imply the live show isn’t as high-energy as it once was though; in fact it’s only more refined and mind-melting quickly nearing 1000 shows. The Show Is The Rainbow has been on tours with The Faint, The Locust, Cursive, Mates of State, Tay Zonday, Neil Hamburger, and even Mindless Self Indulgence who asked Keen to join their tour after being “freaked out” when he opened for them.

Darren has been known to mix with the musical notables from his home state of Nebraska. In his spare time, Darren serves as the bassist for spazz-punks Beep Beep, and The Show Is The Rainbow frequently tours as support act with pals The Faint.

The Show Is The Rainbow’s first album, Gymnasia, was released on S.A.F. Records.