Throw Up and Die

74+ minutes of hogwash involving vampires, nuclear war, Italy and junior high. Gene figures out the president wasn’t really assassinated and announces it on live television, that he can always drop acid on a neighbor’s lawn, that his girlfriend is a Mexican, and that God probably does not give Aaron Neville the benefit of the doubt. Also features hidden bonus tracks.

RET-008 | PRICE: 12.00

1. I’m Not a Scoreboard
2. Barbarians
3. Come Party With Me
4. Yesses and Nose
5. Wanna Tell The Boys
6. Mesh Canoe
7. Rockin’ Your Bones mp3
8. Mr. President
9. Roller Rink Party
10. Ghoul For You
11. Pick Up the Party
12. La La La La Gene Defcon
13. Like a Fuckin’ Bad Boy
14. I’m Not Happy
15. Toss That Fish Back
16. I’m That Type of Guy
17. Grandpa’s Revenge
18. Hey (You Wanna Party With Gene Defcon?)
19. Shut Me In A Cage
20. I Dressed Up Like a Nerd For You
21. Kill That Fuckin’ Bear
22. Funky Reggae Jam
23. Shit Talkin’
24. Sex Party mp3
25. Neutron Dance Blues
26. Hands Up Your Gown
27. Little Punk Girl
28. Mushroom Cloud
29. Mutinous Dog
30. I’ve Got Principles
31. Summer’s Gone
32. Southern Dreams
33. All You Poseurs
34. Ants
35. Wild Child
36. Misunderstood Vampire mp3
37. San Francisco
38. You Can’t Stop My Heart From Beating
39. Slap My Babies
40. My Girlfriend is a Mexican
41. I Love You More Than any Pasta-Fed Ding-Dong
42. Gonna Tell Everybody We’re Happy
43. Little Shit To Me
44. Waking Up late For Junior High
45. Gonna Rock You Down
46. The King of France