Strategy Guide

A 26-stage informative CD to play at your 2012 graduation party. Don’t worry about Ico throwing up on the couch, cuz it’s summer and you’re hanging out with your friends playing Pong and eating Cheetos. When your neighbor complains, just stick a dead fish in his mail box. Then go inside and play Ikaruga with that kid you’ve had a crush on since last semester. Featuring future members of The Mae Shi + Signals.RET-006 | PRICE: 10.00

STAGE 2. Wario Ware mp3
STAGE 3. Q-Tip Bliss
STAGE 4. Dynamite Car Plane mp3
STAGE 5. Jet Set
STAGE 6. Release Date mp3
STAGE 7. Ballad Of Rockman (featuring Totally Radd!!)
STAGE 8. Yoshi Egg Breakfast
STAGE 9. Loading Time
STAGE 10. Pacman’s In Paris
STAGE 11. Sockful of Tokens
STAGE 12. Lost In The Labyrinth
STAGE 13. Kage Not Cage
STAGE 14. Whoa Nintendo
STAGE 15. Ever Ever Lovequest
STAGE 16. Swamp Zombies
STAGE 17. Sail Out
STAGE 18. Fatality
STAGE 19. Monkey Ball
STAGE 20. Ikaruga
STAGE 21. FF 9
STAGE 22. Pong
STAGE 23. Game Trafficking
STAGE 24. Glass (featuring Vice Cooler)
STAGE 25. Beach Party
SPECIAL BONUS STAGE: Super Tomb Raider UK Punk