Hawnay Troof

Hawnay Troof is the solo outlet of Vice Cooler, occasionally joined by a series of friends and collaborators.

Hawnay Troof has toured the world multiple times, sometimes performing before thousands in stadiums and other times in front of dozens in living rooms. While performing at his 1:00PM slot at Australia’s Parklife Festival, Troof buzz built up so big that he was moved to performing right before the headliner, Peaches. In 2009, he also was chosen to open for High Places, Matt and Kim, and Vivian Girls, and stole the stage at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest by creating a near riot in the park’s dustbowl. In between Hawnay Troof business, Vice has remixed music by Ssion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Yacht. He’s also played drums in Chicks On Speed, Boredoms BOADRUM 88, and The Raincoats. And he’s become the undergorund’s new IT video director, having made acclaimed clips for Male Bonding, Signals, and many more.

Speaking of videos, the one for Hawnay Troof’s own “Connection” was voted the #2 Indie Video of 2008 by MTV2’s Subterranean viewers (beating out heavyweights like Bjork and MGMT), and shortly after ranked as #1 on MTVU. “Connection’ can be found on the album Islands Of Ayle. The video was directed by Vim Crony.



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