We are Retard Disco. This party started in 2003 with the debut releases from 14 Year Old Girls and Hawnay Troof. The label has always been about cooperation and collaboration. Everything is interconnected.

Things aren’t terribly active around here these days, but we’re glad you stopped by! All of our releases are still available on iTunes and most are available from us on CD.

Some of the RD artists have gone on to great(er) things. Some are simply great. Many are also involved with many other great bands and projects, or were or will be. Wikipedia it up.

The name Retard Disco? It came from a dream, only in the dream Retard Disco was a band whose members dressed up as animals. We also released a couple of things on the imprint Tiny Sensational. Tiny Sensational was an alter-ego of Seth Bogart (Hunx and His Punx, Gravy Train!!!!) and the name of our awesome cat.

Retard Disco
P.O. Box 461163
Los Angeles, CA 90046
andy [at] retarddisco dot com

xoxo Alex & Andy

<< Fort Cool ii, circa 2006. Home to many a great RD-related show (14 Year Old Girls, Mae Shi, The Munchers, Deadlee, Agape, HEALTH, etc) and home to Andrew, Bill, and Rich.