Strategy Guide by 14 Year Old Girls
A 26-stage informative CD to play at your 2012 graduation party. Don’t worry about Ico throwing up on the couch, cuz it’s summer and you’re hanging out with your friends playing Pong and eating Cheetos. When your neighbor complains, just stick a dead fish in his mail box. Then go inside and play Ikaruga with that kid you’ve had a crush on since last semester. Featuring future members of The Mae Shi + Signals.

Zombies In, Robots Out by 14 Year Old Girls
This is Nintendo Punk. Sixteen songs, thirteen about video games, two about junk food, and one about freeing the lobsters from the tank at Red Lobster. Maybe you saw these guys (and one lady) on G4’s X-Play and Attack of The Show? Gaming songs are about loving Grand Theft Auto 3, being addicted to Aminal Forest, and hating Tomb Raider. The 14 Year Old Girls’ first release, and Retard Disco’s first, too. Oi!
Eat Drugs by Bad Dudes
“L.A.’s premier spazztastic party-prog quintet. This band is so good, it’s ridiculous they’re not followed by paparazzi 24/7 or on the cover of Kerrang! every single month. Analogy alert: Bad Dudes sound like surfers (from the future) and new wave punks (from the past) playing a broken Nintendo (the 8-bit kind) at a raver party. And everyone forgot their ritalin.” -Prefix Magazine

Tour Girlfriends Mixtape by Bark Bark Bark
A 35 track gapless mixtape from Jacob Safari, featuring several unreleased works and a wide assortment of friends and co-collaborators. Includes remixes from the likes of Hawnay Troof, Bad Dudes, So Many Dynamos, Yea Big+Kid Static, and Jacob’s fellow Mae Shi brethren.

Haunts by Bark Bark Bark
Debut album of fun from Bark Bark Bark (Jacob Safari), concocted from an arsenal of toys and instruments and featuring 14 songs about ex-girlfriends, outer space, zombies and ghosts.

Killed ‘Em Deader ‘N A Six Card Poker Hand by Epsilons
Epsilons return with their stellar second album, recorded at The Distillery by Mike McHugh (Le Shok, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Rocket From The Crypt, Lightning Bolt, The Melvins, etc). In the garage-rock spirit of Ty Segall’s later solo work.

Epsilons by Epsilons
Handclaps please for the debut full-length release from the real OC’s garage rock foursome. Fourteen blistering songs that snap crackle pop and just want to love you. This is where Ty Segall and Charlie Moonheart got their start. And the most fun band of the year award goes to…

Throw Up and Die by Gene Defcon
74+ minutes of hogwash involving vampires, nuclear war, Italy and junior high. Gene figures out the president wasn’t really assassinated and announces it on live television, that he can always drop acid on a neighbor’s lawn, that his girlfriend is a Mexican, and that God probably does not give Aaron Neville the benefit of the doubt. Also features hidden bonus tracks.

Business Deal Top 40 of 2005 by Gene Defcon
This compilation sports 40 songs from the super amazing Business Deal record label out of Austin, TX (co-owned by Gene Defcon). Features 40 songs from the BD roster, including tracks by Gene, Zom Zoms, The Telephone Company, Video Screams, The Old-Timerz, and more! Presented in fine countdown form with nifty introductions to each track.

Stame The Batch DVD by Gravy Train!!!!!
120 minutes of sexplosive battwiddical fun! Featuring tons of live performances dating back to the very beginning (2001), TV appearances, music videos for “Ghost Boobs” and the animated “Burger Baby,” plus interviews, backstage footage, photo and flier galleries, GT!!!! Karaoke, dancer auditions, Ghost Boob Bloopies and the Fun Bag. Includes previously unreleased songs and SECRET S’UFF extras. SMELL the horrible odors of a Gravy Train!!!! show…through your television!

Daggers At The Moon by Hawnay Troof
Further testament that Hawnay Troof’s Vice Cooler is one of the most creative and underrated minds on America’s underground. With co-production and mixing from Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, and appearances by Mary Pearson (High Places), David Scott Stone (Melvins, Unwound), Ed Rodrigez (Deerhoof, XBXRX), Bretzel Goring, Jenny Hoyston + more.

Islands of Ayle by Hawnay Troof
After three “unintentionally lo-fi” releases, Islands Of Ayle marksa notable turning point for Hawnay Troof. Featuring the hit smash “Connection” (voted the #2 Indie Video of 2008 by MTV2’s Subterranean viewers and then ranking as #1 on MTVU) and guest appearances by members of No Age, High Places, Stereo Total, Xiu Xiu, Erase Errata and more.

Dollar and Deed by Hawnay Troof
The landmark double album from Hawnay Troof, featuring stellar collaborations with Barr, Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata/Paradise Island), and Brezel Goring & Fancoise Cactus (Stereo Total) and crowd favorites “Man On My Back” and the original version of “Out Of Teen.”

Community by Hawnay Troof
This tour EP was conceived of and recorded quickly, yet stands as one of Hawnay Troof’s strongest releases. Features Mika Miko-collaboration “This Is Our Invite,” BARR-collaboration “Expectations and Delivery,” the reimagining of Bjork’s “It’s In Our Hands” + 4 more.

Get Up! Resolution: Love by Hawnay Troof
Hawnay Troof’s second release sports aggressive lo-fi rhythms layered with twisted analogue synth sounds. It’s bedroom beats for the anxious dancing legs of today’s youth, fist in the air rise against the status quo. Includes Hawnay Troof’s first collaboration with Drew Daniel (Matmos, Soft Pink Truth) + appearances by Allison Wolfe and Jenny Hoysten.

Who Likes Ta? by Hawnay Troof
Debut CDEP features seven early dirty south classics, including “Who Likes Ta Fuk (We Like Ta Fuk),” “On Da Otha Line W/Da Police (Ha Ha Laugh It Up),” “Jump N Bump” and more. Starring 18-year-old Vice Cooler with 900 Dixxx. This is how it all started.

Zombie Terrorist by Partyline
CIA-sponsored aliens smoking joints, zombie terrorists, evil dictators—sounds like an episode borrowed from an X-Men comic book. Ridiculous? Yes. Realistic? Absolutely! Partyline’s debut full-length album Zombie Terrorist is meant to inspire both political and bum-shaking action. And damn if it doesn’t sound perfect blasting out of a car stereo—windows DOWN, fists UP!

Girls With Glasses by Partyline
Debut CDEP from Washington, DC’s dynamic trio: Angela! Allison! and Crystal! Fusing partying and politics to perfection, Partyline songs nail such hot topics as Ralph Nader, brainy broads, female trouble, and feeling trapped like a bug.

Pick Up The Mic by Alex Hinton
The critically acclaimed award-winning documentary film about the world of queer hip-hop is now available on DVD. As seen on Logo TV. Pick Up The Mic has been heralded as, “A celebration of multicultural diversity” (LA Times) and\“A landmark film” (Urb Magazine). Features live performances by Deep Dickollective, Johnny Dangerous, Deadlee, JenRo, Katastrophe, Qboy, Scream Club, and many more.

Don’t Bite Your Sister by Scream Club
The debut album from Olympia, WA’s gaysymmetrical superduo! Cindy Wonderful and Sarah Adorable are joined by lots of friends here, including Rachel Carns (The King Cobra), Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Mirah, Tara Jane O’Neil, Busdriver, Katastrophe, Die and Existereo (The Shape Shifters), and more. Debut release from Tiny Sensational.

Wet Fist by The Show Is The Rainbow
Wet Fist incorporates glitchy 606 beats, twangy guitar, super funk-ass basslines, and one rather twisted perspective of the world. Recorded in the storage room of the Faint’s recording studio (later mixed by Joel Peterson in the band’s “actual” studio).

Silverfish / What Dreams / Remixes by Signals
Originally released as a 7” in the UK by Moshi Moshi, the debut from Signals (featuring ex-Mae Shi members Jon Gray, Bill Gray and Jacob Cooper) is now available digitally, featuring brand new remixes by Junk Culture and The Deadly Syndrome.
Newest Romantic by Younger Lovers
The debut from Brontez Purnell, aka Junx from Gravy Train!!!! The songs on this record started out as Gravy Train!!!! demos but morphed into Brontez’s solo debut after his lyrics were deemed “too romantic.” Instant garage classics!


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